I cannot be heard but hear perfectly using voip.ms across Xplornet (hughes) satellite

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I can connect, but recipient gets stuttering, broken sound.  Odd, because calling with WhatsApp, Messenger and Google Voice works fine.  Is it possible Zoiper is not using a codec the satellite will transmit? Any ideas about what I can try?

asked Sep 19, 2019 in Android by Manfreddy (140 points)  

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Are you on wifi?

Sometimes has to do with the STUN server not being set correctly. Try LTE cell signal and report back.

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answered Feb 18 by MomoSmith (320 points)  
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No, I am on their satellite data service... 600-800 ms ping times...

I don't think you can perform reliable conversation with 800 ms. latency. Try using codec such as G729 or Opus and see if they can compensate.

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