How to include phone number in Recorded Conversations file name?

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Currently the file name has the format below, but is lacking a field code for the phone number or the name of the person on the other side of the conversation:


I can manually scroll through the "Recent" call list (even a year backwards) and then look at the exact time of a call. Then I can find the right file. Going through hundreds of calls like this is not very efficient. 

Is there a way to add phone number and/or name to this filename?

asked 6 days ago in Mac by chriswayg (240 points)  

1 Answer

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You can check our userguide on page 48, here:

There you can find which tags are support to create naming of the recordings in accordance to your needs.

answered 6 days ago by Tsetso.Zdravkov (27,500 points)  
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