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I have downloaded Zoiper v 3.5.3, and installed this on 4 iOS devices, but in all 4 cases the registering procedure is failing. ("Unauthorized 401"). So not a hardware problem,

I am using Zoiper on my notebook computer (Win7), so I know I have the correct account details and password. VoiP ISP is Exetel Australia. I've checked in a number of forums, and I am sure I'm entering the infomation correctly for the devices.

The devices are iPhone 4S , iPhone 6, and 2x iPad 2.0, all with iOS v8 or later.

I 've also tried with and without Outbound Proxy,  and +/- STUN.

and deleted account twice and started again.

Can anyone help me with this problem please?


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Error 401 is returned from the server when there is something wrong with your account credentials. You might need to enter your username in the authentication username field from the account options. It is also possible that you need to use different authentication username. Please contact your VoIP provider for more details.

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