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- iPhone 6

- latest iOS 9.0.2 update

Zoiper no longer is able to register to my account, but is reporting a timeout. I have not touched the configuration since months and it has been working until a couple of days back. 

Bria has no problem to register to my account.

What needed to be done to resolve the issue?

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If you receive Error 408 Request Time Out, when Zoiper cannot connect to the VoIP server. In that case either the server cannot receive the sent packages or the answer from the server cannot be received by Zoiper.

You may try to alter STUN. To activate it, please go to Settings -> Accounts -> Your registered account -> Network Settings -> Use STUN.

Please also make sure that the default ports used by Zoiper are not blocked from your Firewall or routing device. The ports used by Zoiper are as follows:

SIP port is 5060
IAX port is 4569 UDP
RTP port is 8000 and above UDP

Default STUN values are:
Server hostname/IP: stun.zoiper.com
Port: 3478 UDP/TCP
Refresh period: 30

If you using mobile internet connection, please contact your mobile connection provider.

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Settings all are correct. I just deleted and setup the account again to no avail: still getting the timeout.

Nothing has changed with my router configuration. I would not even know how to check if ports are blocked or not.

Next I disabled WLAN on my iPhone and tried to connect through mobile network (where I have internet connection as well): getting 401/Unauthorized there.

Very frustrating. I'm close to giving up on Zoiper

I even purchased and installed 'Zoiper Premimun SIP softphone' and configured it exactly as the 'Zoiper SIP softphone' and now get error 401(Unauthorized) when trying to register my account.

Yes, I double checked that only 1 version would be running at any point in time.


Both errors - 401 and 408 are returned from the server. It is best to check with your VoIP provider for more information.

I get the same problem and it has nothing to do with the VOIP provider because everything works fine in a different app (CSIPsimple)

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I still have trouble to get my account registered. Here is the latest:

- I updated to iOS 9.1

- I got the 401 (unauthorized) sorted, but I still have the 408 (timeout) on registering the account

- funny thing is at times my account registers no problem as I start the Zoiper app, hence there can't be a problem with ports blocking or such

- however, most of the times Zoiper does not register but fails with 408 (timeout)

- if I then go to Advanced -> Disable 'Random Port' end then enable 'Random Port' right after, then the account usually registers. Note: that trick does only work for the free Zoiper app but does not work for the ZoiperPremium app which I have purchased as well. I never was able to get ZoiperPremium to work on my iPhone

In addition I installed the Zoiper client on my Windows 10 laptop: same problem, Zoiper does not make calls.

Unfortunately I can't attach the Zoiper log from Windows 10 here. I'm sure it would help understanding the nature of the problem.

What's going on there and how could that issue be ultimately resolved?

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I was having the same problems with Zoiper Biz.  I made the following changes:

in Accounts Advanced Tab changed Registration expiry to 30

and Keep alive time-out to Default and 30

in Advanced Network checked off Open random port above 32000 (and setup SonicWall to allow outbound UDP from LAN to WAN in that range) - left the Port at 8000

With these 3 changes the 408 problem looks to be eliminated.

We have been using the voip.ms service

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