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Have a  few people at work using HP T620/630 clients and Jabra Evolve 20 SE. They are suddenly getting messages on the bottom right hand of their screen from Zoiper saying "Jabra Evolve 20 SE MS Audio Removed.

Thin clients are running Windows 10,  We migrated to the Jabra after some bad experiences with Logitech USB breaking out. 

We are using Zoiper 3.14

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This error indicates that the operating system sends a call that there was a change of the audio device. Generally this happens when there's loose connection, if the headset is wireless and etc. 

With this jabra and if this happens on multiple devices that smells like something else. Force example the OS sleeping the USB pots or bad driver. Check for any firmware updates for the headset, try disabling the power management of from the drivers in the device manager of Windows. Try also changing the USB ports.

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