Zoiper gives constant notifications "Audio device has been removed"

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I have been using Zoiper for some time. I moved my desk to a new room this week. 

When Zoiper is open I get a constant stream of Windows notifications (one "ding ding dong" sound every 5 seconds) saying 

Audio Device has been removed
High Definition Audio Device
Zoiper5 5.3.4 for windows 32 bit



I have tried enabling all audio devices, disabling all audio devices but that did not help. Ironically what does help is unplugging my speakers but... then I can't use Zoiper. As soon as I plug my speakers in again, the windows notificactions return to inform me that the audio device has been removed. 

My audio settings in Zoiper are as follows: 


When I call the number, the ringtone plays fine through the speakers. 

Please help!

asked Nov 21, 2019 in Windows by JeffHudson (180 points)  


Maybe your speakers or microphone has a bad cable which is not making good contact, thus the operating system/ drivers detect audio device change. Those notifications are shown when the operating system itself reports some sort of change. Try using different cable or headset if you can. See if that will happen again.

This is not happening. I know that it is not happening because no other applications, including Windows display this issue. When I play sound through the speakers there is no interruption to the sound. 

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