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I am using DYL (CRM) and when inbound calls arrive the Zoiper app rings and flashes to indicate the call. I click "accept" and the call connects, however, the incoming call notification does not stop flashing, and the call drops approx 35-40 seconds into the call. 
The call then shows as "rejected" in the recent call list.


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The reason for this is probably the same as the one described here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/home/article/72/calls_get_disconnected_after_30_seconds

The server keeps sending the call since it is not actually fully negotiated and eventually it time-outs.

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actualmente uso zoiper gratis, pero hoy comencé a presentar fallas
que no me permiten responder mis llamadas pbx.
Me gustaría saber si hay un problema con la aplicación o si
ya no se puede usar de forma gratuita.
Gracias por tu valiosa colaboración.

I use a crm (issabel)
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