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I paid for the G729 upgrade as i have found aLaw uses a HUGE amount of BW over the WAN link.

 I have a sophisticated system to be able to graph this and I am averaging about 80Kbps on the Rx side (receive the other party talking to me) and about 114 Kbps on average on the Tx side (me talking to the party I called).

So in order to alleviate this I paid for the G729 licence upgrade so when I go outside away from the WAN link here in the office and use 3/4G I can keep my data use reasonable.

However *ALL* calls are still using aLaw even though the G729 upgrade has been paid for and shows up on my bank statement. So payment has gone through but still I only get aLaw.

I did a force stop on the app and waited some time then restarted the app and made a call but still the same thing ...call used aLaw !!

How do I get G729 working? My VoIP service provider has a G729 licence on my account with them so all good that side.

This should work but does not. 

Any ideas from anyone?


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