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I use Zoiper for two SIP accounts.  One is my home phone via my ISP's VoIP service and one is my work via our office Asterisk.

I have a NFC tag by my office door which does a few things:

on-enter: join VPN, set vibrate mode

on-leave: disconnect VPN, restore volumes

I would also like to do:

on-enter: Zoiper register work Asterisk account

on-leave: Zoiper de-register work Asterisk

I can't just launch/kill Zoiper because I need my home phone account to stay registered the whole time.  I just want to toggle registration of my work account while keeping my other one alive.

I hope I can send Zoiper an android intent to register or deregister an account.

Unfortunately I can't figure out what type of intent to send or what data or extras.

Has anybody dealt with this before?

If no, can someone point me in the right direction for contacting the developers for help (if this isn't the right place for that already)?


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Hello, please contact us at android@zoiper.com

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