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If we set Zoiper positioned in for example the top right hand corner of screen, the active component of a call always opens to the right - hidden and off screen, this makes it trickier with Zoiper since it has two dial pads, it takes unnecessary searching to find to use for example voicemail, or an IVR entry you need to use another separate in-call dial pad - totally hidden because of screen positioning.

To make a call the popup dial pad seems to know and positions itself so we can use it.

Might I suggest, that the code be such that if it detects it is located on the right hand side screen, that the extended box opens to the left so it is visible without having to move Zoiper half way across the screen to view it.

Secondly, and a very much less important request, is to consider consolidating the two dial pads into one.


asked Jan 9, 2020 in Windows by Nobby6 (120 points)  

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