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Will Zoiper work with a USB microphone? I need to purchase a microphone for this program and would prefer a USB one. When I click on Audio preferences under Input Device, the only option is 'DigitalIn - Realtek High Definition Audio'. Does this mean that Zoiper will not recognize  a USB microphone plugged into the desktop and only one that plugs into the digital audio port in the back of the pc will work or will it automatically recognize it after I have plugged one into the USB port?



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Zoiper will work with almost any USB microphone. You will need to plug the microphone, open Windows audio mixer, select this microphone as default input device and then start Zoiper and select the microphone from the list in the drop-down menu.

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Zoiper should work with most audio devices as long as they are properly recognized and configured by the operating system.

After you have plugged your new USB device, wait a bit for MS Windows to recognize and configure the necessary drivers, start Zoiper, go to Settings -> Preferences -> Audio -> Device sub-tab -> set the "Input device" from the drop-down list to your USB microphone.

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