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Hi there,

The current Zoiper for IOS seems has a "bug".  Once the app hangup a call (end a call) and push it to the backgroud, few miniutes later, you will hear the noise from iphone speaker.  If I activate the app again, means bring it to foreground, or kill the app, noise dissapear!

It's very annoying. Hope next version can solve the problem.  Tested on iphone 6, IOS 8, with many different devices.

Thank you.

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Tha same situation with my iPhone 6s Plus iOS 9.3.3. The running in the background Zoiper v.3.8 is producing permanent quite noise from the speakers of the iPhone. It stops when I am closing the Zoiper app.

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The noise appears in background when UDP is used as a transport type and both options from the "Incoming calls" section are enabled. You may try using TCP or TLS instead by changing the transport from the Network settings in the account configuration. Note that your provider must support TCP otherwise your account will not register. For more details on that topic, please contact them.

As for the noise that appears, currently it is under investigation and should be fixed for the future releases of Zoiper.

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The network transfer protocol of UDP or TCP has nothing to do about it. The noise is actually a hardware noise which some people diagnosed to the iphone lens focusing repeatedly.

It happens after the call has been completed, the zoiper application does nothing, sits in background and maybe waits to receive a call if there is one on the VOIP channel.

I am a developer and I know network protocols, please investigate in detail this bug in the application, a TCP or UDP protocols have nothing to do with the phone making a noise, which may be either a speaker function left over somewhere or an incorrect request to re-focus the camera.

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