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Good day. Could you help me please? I don't get any incoming calls on windows phone 8.1 and windows phone 10. 

I try to use push notofocations like this

exten => 1001,1,Answer;
exten => 1001,n,Set(location=${DB(SIP/Registry/1001)})
exten => 1001,n,Verbose(0, getting push info ${location} );
exten => 1001,n,Set(regx="X-PUSH-URI=([0-9a-zA-Z\.\:\/\_]+)")
exten => 1001,n,Set(push=$["${location}" =~ ${regx}])
exten => 1001,n,System(/usr/bin/push.sh ${push});
exten => 1001,n,Wait(3);
exten => 1001,n,Dial(SIP/1001);

and all time answer that is everything is ok. 

-e      <code>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</code>
-e      <X_NotificationStatus>Received</X_NotificationStatus>
-e      <X_DeviceConnectionStatus>Connected</X_DeviceConnectionStatus>
-e      <X_SubscriptionStatus>Active</X_SubscriptionStatus>

But dosent work. Any push message i dont see on my phone.

I try to send not this 

"<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?><root><Value1>Zoiper</Value1><Value2>Incoming</Value2><Value3>Call</Value3></root>"

but this

"<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>" .
        "<wp:Notification xmlns:wp=\"WPNotification\">" .
            "<wp:Toast>" .
                "<wp:Text1>Incoming</wp:Text1>" .
                "<wp:Text2>Calls</wp:Text2>" .
"</wp:Toast>" .

 and this push message i see on my phone, but zoiper dosent start.

Please could you help me please?

My dial plan

exten => 905,1,Answer;
exten => 905,n,Set(location=${DB(SIP/Registry/905)})
exten => 905,n,Verbose(0, getting push info ${location} );
exten => 905,n,Set(regx="X-PUSH-URI=([0-9a-zA-Z\.\:\/\_]+)")
exten => 905,n,Set(push=$["${location}" =~ ${regx}])
exten => 905,n,System(/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/push.sh ${push});
exten => 905,n,Wait(5);
exten => 905,n,Dial(SIP/905);

Sorry for my bad english
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I am no able to get an incoming SIP call even when application is active and in foreground. Are they working for you?

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In order to preserve battery power Windows does not allow applications to run in the background. The only way to make incoming calls work while ZoIPer is running in the background is to configure both the server and the client to use PUSH notifications.

You can find more information here:


If you can not use PUSH notifications you will need to follow these steps:

- Run ZoIPer

- go to Settings

- select Lockscreen settings

- enable Run under lock screen. 

You will need to keep ZoIPer open in order to receive incoming calls. 

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Hi Sergey,

I recently partially switched to using a Windows Mobile phone (Lumia 640) as the main one. Since I'm a VoIP enthusiast, I naturally became interested in SIP clients on the platform. My extensive search resulted in conclusion that ZoiPer seems to be the best SIP softphone at the present time.

Excited about finding ZoiPer and reading positive reviews, I installed it on my phone. Since my main VoIP provider (Callcentric) doesn't allow push notifications, I tried to follow steps I found on Internet, which are essentially the same as in your advice above. Unfortunately, the problem with not receiving incoming calls still remains. I've tried playing with options of both ZoiPer and Windows Mobile, but to no avail. What is even more confusing (considering your comment) is that my version of OS (8.1 Update 2 Lumia Denim) seems to have options, suggesting that now Windows Mobile allows apps to run in background and has individual controls for each relevant app.

I'd appreciate, of you and/or people from ZoiPer team could clarify my confusion and suggest the optimal plan for solving this problem. Ideally, I want to allow ZoiPer to run in background (I hope it isn't resource-intensive, is it?) and receive SIP calls as they arrive. Less ideally, but still reasonable, is to start ZoiPer and leave it running as a normal task (not active; again, curious about resources consumption in this case). Perhaps, there are another options. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

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