Cant hear early media?

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I recently installed Voiper5 on my windows 10 desktop.

Seemed to work fine, but then I encountered the "early media" problem. When you ring a number and get a message (eg extension options etc), you hear 1 second of the message and it goes silent. You cant hear what the message is, so you dont know what buttons to press. Same goes when you call someone and go to their message bank - you dont hear the message.

Have emailed support (3 times now) but no response. Have googled and cant see anything. Have tried just about every setting.....

Gawd almighty, I moved from Bria 5 to Zoiper ,as was having major (different) issues with Bria - most calls cutting off at precisely 32 seconds) -  and now this with there any reliable VOIP software around????????????????????????

asked Jan 21, 2020 in Windows by NHILL (120 points)  


The issues which you are having with both applications are caused probably by your network, setup or PBX, not by the client applications (the softphones).

If you have your SIP account registered at multiple devices, unregister it and leave it to just one.

The call drops at ~30 seconds are caused generally by SIP ALG working on the router which rewrites some SIP packets and sends them to wrong places. We have an articleregarding this here:

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