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Hi everyone,

Have been using zoiper since late October or early November 2019. We used to be based in an office with desktops as our medium for all work-related transactions including voIP. 

When we switched to a work from home setup, I noticed that the call quality can vary from good to very poor as in the other line cannot hear me and the voice they hear is like getting cut in and out. Today I am at a co-working space with a great internet connection but every time I receive a call, the caller says I have a bad line and they are unable to understand what I am saying at all.

What I did was to use the zoiper iPhone app which they said has better quality. My only issue is the one on my iPhone is only a free version and the one installed in my laptop is the premium/PRO version.

Could you kindly help me out please to check and determine whether I need to buy a new laptop if it is indeed my laptop that's having problems and not the phone line itself?

Thanks for all your replies.

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Your problem is solved or not? Because I am also facing same problem.

Actually I find that at times it works well. The quality is good but at times, I keep getting told I have a bad line. I did read the link to that page I was told to check out though. My only plan of action and resolution would be to buy a new laptop in the near future (this year) because this one I'm using is fairly old (around 4 years old). 

Have you got yours sorted?

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Try our article regarding bad audio quality here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/home/article/35/Bad_Audio_Quality#windows

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