Allow export/import of Zoiper settings to aid migration between devices

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Users my want to migrate/install Zoiper on a different device and/or install on more than one device. This is especially true within the mobile device user experience, as phones/tablets are frequently upgraded to newer versions.

Additionally, the user may wish to install on multiple devices (i.e. multiple phones, a tablet, etc.).

Additionally, the configuration for many VoIP providers can be tricky, requiring tweaks and adjustments different from the "stock" install. Remembering all the various tweaks and adjustments can be difficult.

Enhancement Request:

Allow for the import/export of Zoiper settings.


1.  Improved user experience.

2.  Reduced support requirements.

3.  Allows for flexibility in the users configuration of multiple devices.

4.  Allows business/corporate clients to reduce IT load and enforce a consistent configuration across the entire organization.


Jim "JR"

asked Jan 27, 2020 in Android by jharris1993 (170 points)  

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