Issue with dial-strip characters - leading blank not good idea

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Note: Possibly applicable to other versions.


Depending on the particular implementation of the operating system, leading spaces may be stripped automagically by the system.


Motorola e5 Play

Android 8.1

Zoiper Beta version 2.12.3

Steps to reproduce:

1.  Launch Zoiper or open if already running.

2.  Navigate to Settings -> Accounts -> [your account] -> Number Rewriting -> Dial strip characters.

3.  Examine the list of characters to be stripped.

Expected Result:

The list of characters to be stripped begins with a space character.

Actual Result:

Depending on the particular O/S implementation, the leading space may be missing.

Workaround/suggested solution:

Embed the space between two other characters so that it's not at either the beginning or end of the list.


List as provided: ".-() []{}/" (note that there is no leading space)

One way of solving the problem: ".-() [ ]{}/" (note that I have added a space between the two square brackets.)

asked Jan 27, 2020 in Android by jharris1993 (170 points)  


I have forwarded this report to our QA team for investigation.

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