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My google-play shop cannot find Zoiper, even though it meets system requirements. After searching for Zoiper, it will only find MizuDroid. Can you please confirm that my phone meets the system requirements?

  • According to the official Zoiper site, the system requirements are Android 2.1 and above.
  • My Google Play version: 8.0.76.R-all [0] [PR] 163972422
  • My Android version: 4.0.3; kernel 3.0.16-g862621
  • HTC Sense: 3.6
  • Phone: HTC Sensation, 1.2GHz dualcore; 768MB memory.

If you need more info, I try to retrieve it.
Thank you for your time, B.

asked Feb 21, 2020 in Android by brmaku (120 points)  


Can you let me know your region ? I believe that you should see the legacy application.

For Zoiper 2 the requirements are Android 4.1+   

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