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I've been using a Jabra Evolve 75 headset for four weeks. Pairing with my company computer (DELL Vostro 5481 3J5GT 14" FHD i5-8265U 8GB/256GB SSD Win10 Pro) via Jabra Link 370 and Smartphone (Bluetooth) worked smoothly during the start-up. But since about 1 week I have had problems again and again: For one thing, the call when pressing the answer button on the headset is sometimes not answered and rejected when pressing the button again. On the other hand, the quality of the call deteriorates with increasing duration, whereby the duration can vary. What I say is received by the interlocutor tinny or only chopped off.
With a direct Bluetooth connection via the PC I have the sound problems right from the start - but here it could be because my keyboard and mouse are already connected via Bluetooth.
In Zoiper, "Use Jabra input devices" is selected in HID Integration. The option "Use Jabra HID" is not selectable, because it does not appear (for Plantronics there is the selection "Use Plantronic HID (32-bit only)") .
My Zoiper 5 is up to date and there is no update available for the Jabra devices, nor for the laptop.
So is it possible that Jabra Evolve 75 is really not compatible with Zoiper 5 (although there are Jabra devices that are older but compatible)?

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Please keep in mind that Bluetooth devices are not the same as the Wireless DECT and USB ones supported by the Jabra SDK. 

We support only Wireless DECT and USB based devices. 

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