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Good afternoon,

I'm having a problem with my Zoiper and i hope somebody help me.

Since yesterday i'm unable to " Transfer "phone calls. The button " Transfer " have a small symbol with a " p " with Orange colour and if put the mouse pointer on it appears a message " PRO FEATURE ". I tried to reinstall Zoiper but did not resolve, i tried do add another Zoiper account but i receive that with a " PRO " version i can't do it. I don't know what to do more.

If it is possible to insert a printscreen it was easier to identify the problem....

Anyone can help me.

Thanks a lot


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It seems that your Zoiper is not activated or has deactivated. 

If you have a valid license simply click on the "activate now" button and fill your activation credentials to unlock all features.

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You need to put the call on hold, then dial *2 followed by the number you want, then press the hold again, then press the end call button

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