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OS : WIN10

Zoiper version


Some outgoing calls sometimes fail to call.

Call was continued to ring although CALLEE picked up the phone.

Upon checking a firewall log, we found that difference between success call and failed call.

[Successed call log]

 2020-02-07 09:46:56 %ASA-5-106100: access-list
> > inside-user-auth_access_in permitted udp
> > inside-user-auth/ -> outside/
> > hit-cnt 1 first hit [0xfd7a47b4, 0x69b383c3]
> >
> > [Failed call log]
> >
> > 2020-02-07 09:30:46 %ASA-5-106100: access-list
> > inside-user-auth_access_in denied tcp inside-user-auth/
> (51350)
> > -> outside/ hit-cnt 4 300-second interval
> > [0x77c773dc, 0x00000000]
> >

Successed call passed through using udp, however failed call was using tcp with 25060 port.

We didn't change setting of protocol on zoiper configuration.(Firewall have ruled that tcp are blocked.)

We were able to make calls by end of January. From February, some outgoing call are failed.

Can you tell me if you have change something recently?

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