why i can't ping the voip server after installing zoiper?

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Before I install both the Zoiper for PC for my laptop and Zoiper for Android for my phone, i can ping the server both from my PC and phone, but after installing the zoiper in my phone, i cant register and i cant ping the server anymore from my phone. I still can ping the server in my laptop, but after installing Zoiper for PC, I cant register also and I can ping the server anymore..Now both my laptop and phone cant register and both cant ping anymore. But when I uninstall the Zoiper app, i can ping again the server. Why is this so? Please help

asked Feb 21, 2020 in General by rey (120 points)  


Zoiper cannot lead to this in any way.

The only explanation would be if your VoIP service provider has started blocking you after you have tried registering your SIP account with Zoiper. However, you would need to clarify this with them. 

the voip service is only in our intranet, the administrator is my friend, he also does not know the reason why.. by the way we are using the IAX udp protocol. 

The protocol should not matter in this case. Possible reason can be a wrong password and some fail2ban protection that kicks in on the server. There is no other explanation. Zoiper itself cannot control the network stack on your computer or mobile phone.

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