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I have installed Zoiper on my Samsung S7 a few days ago. Today i subscribed for PUSH but i keep receiving "Registration failed 408".

Ps. I enabled the push proxy, enabled STUN as well, but still, the same notification appears. 

Any help is highly appreciated

Thank you in advance,


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This usually happens when the service provider is blocking our PUSH proxy.

This might happen when they have some sort of regional restriction or are not aware that this is our SBC. Some service provider might see the multiple registrations coming from it and block it.
Try talking to your service provider and let them know that our PUSH service is blocked. You can also provide them with our description of the push service and its IP address range, so they can get better idea of it, from here: https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/home/article/205/Zoiper_Push_Proxy

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Thank you very much :)

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