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Hello. Zoiper can't start on my mac.

[0224/193421.278769:ERROR:cache_util.cc(141)] Unable to move cache folder GPUCache to old_GPUCache_000

[0224/193421.304282:ERROR:disk_cache.cc(178)] Unable to create cache

[0224/193421.304401:ERROR:shader_disk_cache.cc(601)] Shader Cache Creation failed: -2

[0224/193421.749043:ERROR:mach_port_rendezvous.cc(309)] bootstrap_look_up com.securax.zoiper5.MachPortRendezvousServer.1: Unknown service name (1102)

[0224/193421.754186:ERROR:child_thread_impl.cc(215)] Mach rendezvous failed, terminating process (parent died?)

Zoiper 5.3.7.

macOS Catalina 10.15.3

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