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I have had Zoiper configured on an old smart phone that I could connect to my local LAN or through data to Vitelity. I no longer have that phone or configuration and cannot seem to figure out how to configure it or any tutorials. It seems extra steps exists with a newer version or something. Any help out there? Thank you in advance!

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go to Settings---> Accounts. Click on the "Plus" button on the bottom right.

You can try to locate your provider in the Providers list. Simply follow the instructions on the screen, select your country and check if your provider is available in the list. If they are then follow their instructions on how to configure your account.

If your provider is not on the list but you have your VoIP account 
credentials, simply type your username and password in the fields. The 
username will look like:




Then click "Create an account".

On the next screen fill in the hostname of your provider in the way that is required by them. Tap on "Next" when ready.

Next screen will ask you for authentication. This is optional and you need 
to fill it only if it is required by your provider. If it is not, just click on "Skip".

On the next screen you will have to wait for a few seconds until the correct transport type is detected. If everything is okay with your connection and you have typed correctly all the previous settings, one or more options will show in green status "Found". Select the transport type that is required by your VoIP service provider (SIP TLS, TCP, UDP or IAX UDP). You can change the transport type later if you need to.

If everything is in red "Not found" this may indicate an issue with your 
network connection or service provider. In this case we recommend that you 
contact them for further assistance.

After you're done, click Finish and you should be able to start using your 
VoIP account.

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