Settings for registration of a bluesip account, how?

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How have the account credentials to be used for registring a bluesip account on Zoiper. I have no problem with the setup of other accounts, but failed so far always with this one.
On my Asterisk it functions with this command:

register => bluesip/ number

How has this registration to be transferred to Zoiper?
asked Mar 27, 2020 in Android by MET (160 points)  


Thank you, but this is the "standard procedure". I have no problem using it for all other accounts. The account configuration for the provider in question appears to be somewhat more sophisticated. I wondered how Zoiper puts the various parts from the input forms together to create the registration command. Where and how do I have to enter the various information in the forms that Zoiper creates the registration command as shown and which works on my Asterisk. Thank you.

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