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When I talk over SIP by Zoiper for iOS (iphone 5s, iOS 9.0.2) incoming mobile call breaking my dialogue and backgrounding Zoiper. How can I fix it?


Gleb Smirnov

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This is expected behavior in current releases of Zoiper.

When there is an incoming GSM call while you are in a VoIP one, the VoIP call is placed on hold and Zoiper goes to background.

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Ok, but can I change this rule and don't backgrounding Zoiper?

No, this behavior can not be altered. The incoming gsm call is with priority. This is a limitation in the operating system.

And this behavior will be always? Or developer fix it in the future? 

It can not be changed in Zoiper side, as this is a limitation by Apple's iOS.

Ok, clear.

Thanks a lot

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