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I have been testing the current Zoiper GOLD Android version with a Kamilio SIP server that has Presence enabled. When I connect to the server using Jitsi I can see the presence status being available and I also see it as a mysql database record of Kamailio.

When I connect to the same server using Zoiper GOLD 1.26 and I select the "Enable Presence" feature and then set my status this somehow does not do anything. When I check the presence status also in the mysql database record of Kamailio there is no record being created.

Is it possible something is not working right with the presence feature?

asked Oct 19, 2015 in Android by Oliver (140 points)  

Were the Zoiper folks ever able to resolve this for you?  I have the same scenario.

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Thank you for your report. Could you please send more details about the issues on

answered Oct 19, 2015 by Katina (23,910 points)  
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