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On incoming calls I am receiving the error Unparsable SDP (code 28)

Phone version: Zoiper5 5.3.8 for Windows 64bit
Library revision: v2.9.30
Phone revision: 5.3.8_Windows
UI revision: 1.2.17

To test I loaded Microsip Portable on the same windows machine (same number and credentials) and the incoming calls work fine. 


STUN Server: Off and On
Enabled all available codecs
Enabled TCP
Use rport: Off and ON
Use rport media: Off and ON

I also have the Zoiper debug from the last failed incoming call. 
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Do you have a support ticket number ?

If not, I suggest to open one by using the contact for on our website. This is some negotiation issue, but only the debug-log can show what it is.

Do not post it here, since it contains some private information.

No, I do not have a ticket because when I select "free" under contact it takes me to the FAQ. 




Send an email directly to s u p p o r t [a t] zoiper [ dot ] com

Mention this post there, zip the debug-log, attach it and describe the issue again.

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