calls using fido data only no longer working on cellular

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the calls are good on wifi.

I use ...  their tech support 'suggest' there may be blocking 

Contacted fido and the rogers tech department responded by saying "Thank you for reporting a problem you were experiencing with your Rogers Wireless on 04/01/2020. We’re unable to identify an issue at this time. "

I do not use the cellular much, but it worked well a month or so ago.

As a note, the keypad does not provide audio feedback when using wifi or cellular.

asked Apr 9, 2020 in iOS by ajs888 (160 points)  


Switching between 4G, 5G or 3G may provide different results since those networks can have different settings. If they have changed the antenna near you, your connectivity might have changed.

They might have also changed something on the network setup. Unfortunately noone can tell.

thank you

I have now switched to GS wave and that seems to work fine.

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