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Hello everyone. 
First som info. 

I have some clients that are using their own program to manage some customers, to quickly see some personal information and telephone numbers etc.. They also have a "call" button beside every number, that launches the softphone (zoiper) that they are using, which automatically calls this number. 
I don't know what is hiding under the "call" button tho. 
Because of other google services, they need to use Google chrome. 

Now to the Problem: 
After upgraded some computers från windows 7 to windows 10, the softphone Zoiper won't launch when the "call" button is pressed in Google chrome!? Other browsers like Edge and Firefox works just fine, just like it used to before the upgrade. But with chrome, nothing is happening, no error or warning, nothing. 

I have been trying some fixes like new beta versions and 64/32 bit chrome. I have tried reinstall. Will try to install older versions of chrome later today. If I can find any.. 

Any ideas? Is this a known problem? 
I hope you can understand my english.. :-) 

/ Andreas

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you need to manually install the click to call addon for Chrome.

Click to dial transforms the phone numbers written on a webpage into clickable numbers.
You need to enable Click to dial during the installation process.
The installer will place the ClickTodial addon if possible, then you might need to activate it manually.
For IE you will need to activate the addon manually in your browser setting window.
For Firefox you will also need to activate the addon manually. Please find the latest build of the addon for Firefox attached.
Chrome have limited the usage of addons that are not included in the Chrome store. We have adding  the Click to dial addon in the Chrome store in our to-do list, however it might take some time.

The plugin for Chrome can still be enabled. Here is what must be done:

- Remove the currently installed plugin in Chrome.
- Go to the installation directory of Zoiper and locate the *.crx extension for Chrome.
- Copy the *.crx file to a location of your choice.
- Extract the *.crx file using 7zip or other archiving tool.
- Go to Chrome-Extensions and enable Developer mode.
- Select Load unpacked extensions, locate the extracted *.crx file and select it.

Now the plugin should be usable.

Please note that you will need to have the numbers composed in the proper syntax.
Numbers composed properly look like this:
+44 154 22 2 3345
+(44)1480 854 383
+49 7246 / 70 53 2522

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