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With Zoiper5 on macOS Catalina, we can't get the Automation feature to work.

We have a simple Apple Script file that pauses iTunes music playback that we want to execute when a call comes in.

It works fine when running from Finder, however, it never seems to be run from Zoiper5 based on this rule:

On: Call status change
Call State changes to: Answered
And call direction is: Both Incoming and Outgoing
Do action: Open/Execute Application
Open URL / Run: ~/SomePath/AppleMusicPause.app

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

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I was running into the same issue.

on macos catalina this feature do not work for me either. The application is not executed. I tried a simple test with the TextEdit app with the same settings. 



Seems, that the app will not launched (it worked 1 time)

Did it used to work for you on Mojave(or prior to the upgrade to Catalina) ?

I had no zoiper before i upgraded to catalina.

Thanks, I'll ask the QA guys to check this. :)

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