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So I bought Zoiper Pro on Android.


As I understand it it includes all the premium features so you buy the app an then Push and G729 should be available right?

Seems not. Bought the app none of those features are available in fact it's EXACTLY like the free version. Still have to buy all all the premium features like G729 and PUSH. Why do you have to buy the app then if it's the same as the FREE version.

I emailed support and a day later they replies saying I need to follow these steps.


Did that did not make a difference. This is on my Samsung S10. So I decided to go to my S8 with the same google account. Downloaded the Zoiper Pro which I already bought and still no premium features. Go to my Redmi Note 8 also on the same google account download it still no premium features?

Urgently need to use my VOIP now I'm stuck because they only support G729 and my money is taken but no features. Very disappointing! 

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I have found your ticket in our system. I can see that you have already received explanation that the G729, H264 and PUSH are not part of Zoiper Premiu.

Those features are always being sold separately.

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