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Hi Community,

could someone point me to the right direction in finding release notes for Zoiper 5 desktop and mobile clients, e.g. MacOS and iOS? Couldn't find any by using the search function on the Zoiper web site and within this forum.

Best regards!

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asked Apr 20, 2020 in General by loca (140 points)  
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The release notes are being sent on release through the notification email towards every customer that has subscribed for it.

As for the mobile products, they are available only on the application's app store page.

Hi Tsetso,

thanks for replying. Please *do* tell me how to subscribe to email notification in regard to Zoiper releases, for I could not find anything in this regard. When we purchased our Zoiper licenses there wasn't anything in this regard, either. Twitter and Facebook only provide quite old information.

Please let me know how to get those information.


I believe I have found your email and your two licenses.I have checked and I can see that you are already subscribed.

Since you have bought your first license, I believe there was just one public release for which a mail was sent. You should definitely receive the next one, when we make it.

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