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Is it possible for Zoiper not to popup in the foreground when a call comes in?


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Hiding the main zoiper interface and setting auto-answer for all calls is only possible with the API. The API is available in Zoiper BIZ. 

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Zoiper BIZ meaning either Zoiper 3 or Classic? 

Hello, All Zoiper products have a Biz and a Free version.  Zoiper Classic Biz and Zoiper 3 Biz are separate products for the desktop environment. They both support their own APIs. You could use the API to hide the Zoiper interface.

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I want to use Zoiper desktop along with a switchboard software (FOP2) on an Asterisk server.

FOP2 runs in a browser.

My receptionist will make calls using her mouse and clicking icons in the browser. She will have Zoiper running and whenever she makes a call or receives one, she can pick it up from FOP2 as well, Zoiper will be set to auto answer. She won't have to touch Zoiper or click on answer call.

Now when she receives a call, I don't want Zoiper to popup in the foreground.

Usually that would make sense, cause the user must see there is an incoming call and be able to press the answer button. But in my particular case that is not wanted. 

I want the Zoiper window not to popup in the foreground when a call is coming in. Is that possible?

I have not yet decided if I will go with Zoiper 3 or Classic.

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