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Hello, we use a program that is launching a "Sip link" or Sip url when pressing a button. 

When I was running windows 7, Zoiper automatically opend and called the requested Sip number. 

But with Windows 10, no calls are made. Other Softphones like X-lite is working, they are using the Sip link på make the call. 

When I choose to open Sip links with Zoiper in Firefox och chrome, Zoiper.exe is started but No call is made. 

Any Ideas? Is this a known problem?

Best Regards, Andreas

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Please run Zoiper and go to Settings -> Preferences -> Automation -> General ->  "Catch the
'callto' protocol request from URL"
You can manage the protocol associations using the "Manage protocol associations" button below the checkbox.

Supported protocols are :

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These methods did not work at all. I need help :(

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