How to set the account for outgoing calls in Zoiper iOs

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I just installed Zoiper Premium on iOs. I registered 6 SIP accounts. I cannot find how to select the default account for outgoing calls. I guess and kind of hope that this is a simple question with a simple answer, but until now I have the idea to have looked everywhere in the app.I would be grateful for some support.

asked Jun 1 in iOS by Mark Salomonson (120 points)  

I have the same problem, but cannot find the answer. Any ideas please?

As all our facilitated VoIP administrations require is a web association they can be utilized through an application on a cell phone. This implies you can set this application to ring when somebody calls your business phone number...

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simply tap on the SIP account name above the number pad, choose the default account from the list there.

answered Aug 6 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (33,730 points)  
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