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We are using Zoiper 5 Pro with an asterisk 14.7 server. 

Everything related to voice (SIP) calling works perfectly.  

We recently decided to try the SMS capability of Zoiper5... configured it exactly as Zoiper5 documentation .. published & subscribed to presence etc. and configured the server to handle SIP SIMPLE messaging.  However, any attempt to send a message gives a "Not Found (code 404)" error. 

When I look in the asterisk logs, there is no trace of any messaging activity from the Zoiper5 extensions which is consistent with the 404 error. To make sure there is no DNS issue going on, we set Zoiper up using the server IP address.

It is puzzling that SIP traffic is working fine for voice but not for messaging since they both are directed at the same server.

How do I troubleshoot?

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Is it possible that you are not using the proper prefix, e.g. you have used "+" and the server cannot handle it ? 

Check also if you have an SMS gateway. Otherwise you will be able to chat just between the extensions but not send SMS messages.

I am only trying to chat between extensions at the moment so we are just trying to chat from one four digit extension to another.

From my extension, I can see the other extensions are present (and they can see me) but we simply cannot chat, only voice.

Does SIP chat messaging use different ports from SIP voice?

No, the ports are the same, however the SIP packets are different and not every server supports them.

Check if your PBX supports SIP "MESSAGE" over "SIMPLE".

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