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Windows 10, Zoiper Pro


Unfortunately, I have had a problem with Zoiper since yesterday and cannot get it under control. When I was called, I set the volume above that which appears when you click on the loudspeaker symbol, which is in the footer between the letter symbol and the settings symbol.

Unfortunately, no audio has been output via my headset since then, although this is defined in Zoiper as an output device and is also recognized (Sennheiser). The headset's microphone, on the other hand, works. If I select a different output device, this also works, just not the audio output via the headset. If I listen to music, it is output correctly via the headset.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Zoiper, but it is probably the case that Zoiper is not completely uninstalled, but settings are already available again. I also tried it with a special uninstall program, but the data cannot be completely deleted there either. After a new installation, the original settings appear.

How do I solve this problem?

asked May 28, 2020 in Windows by MASTERMIKE (120 points)  

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