i didnt set settings correctly.

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i am missing some information.  i have the following:

Web login: XXXXXXX

You have 2 errors associated with this account.dismiss

No DNS results (code: 923)

Username:  XXXXX

Account name:  ivanXXXXX@17XXXXXX

Timestamp:  2020-05-27T16:48:31-07:00 

Protocol:  5 

Error Layer:  (3) 

Error Code:  923 

Error Text:  No DNS results 

Domain:  1777XXXXX

Username:  ivanXXXX


Call to 17252445848, rejected.3:45 PM

No DNS results (code: 923)

Call to 17252445848, rejected.3:46 PM

No DNS results (code: 923)

Call to 17252445848, rejected.4:32 PM

No DNS results (code: 923)

Call to 17252445848, rejected.4:32 PM

No DNS results (code: 923)

asked May 28 in Windows by edgarzarzosa (120 points)  
edited May 28 by Tsetso.Zdravkov

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I had modiefied your post to protect your account and privacy. You should not post your SIP account credentials on public places.

The error which you are receiving indicates the the hostname of your service provider cannot be resolved. This could happen in private networks with custom DNS servers or public DNS servers with private PBX.

In all cases, try talking to your PBX administrator.

answered May 28 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (33,730 points)  
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