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Dear community, I recently installed Android client in Lite version.

Until last update, I could perform calls without a flaw. Now I just get notified about incoming calls without my phone ringing, outbound calls are interrupted by following error message: "Can't find matching codec in SDP", although my account is correctly registered.

I even tried Combo subscription and double-checked codecs used by VoIP PBX I'm connected to, they do match.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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Try checking if the server does not require SRTP. Also check the codec configuration, disable all unneeded codecs.

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The actual motive why H.265 (HEVC) failed to take off changed into the licensing requirement/royalties had to be paid. H.264, H.265, and possibly H.266 are proprietary requirements that's what precipitated Google to initially purchase out On2 Technologies; to increase and preserve an open video codec (VP8, then VP9) which then similarly into the Alliance for Open Media, that's now bringing us AV1. With Apple including assist for VP9 in macOS Big Sur, the closing actual software program corporation to maintain out on the use of open requirements (due to the fact Apple is a part of MPEG and blessings from the royalties) I suppose that aside from perhaps for massive movie manufacturing those proprietary formats will move the manner of the dodo hen for stop users. YouTube is in the main a VP9 platform with AVC simplest certainly for fallback for customers that do not assist it (no 720p60 or higher, max 1080p30 for AVC on YT) and AV1 in early testing (for excessive site visitors extent videos, traditionally capping out at 480p). If you study the Alliance for Open Media's club I suppose you may apprehend why I suppose MPEG's formats at massive are doomed. Netflix, Twitch, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Cisco all backing AV1? Yeah, I do not suppose VVC goes very a long way for video streaming. No video streaming platform desires to pay all the ones royalties and I'm certain Microsoft additionally does not need to pay the prices related to every Windows PC helping VVC.

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