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    Hello Zoiper Community! 
       My name is Elena and I need your help.  I am writing to you in order to inform you that I have problems during my calls to Sweden and the Netherlands.  During my calls, people often tell me that the connection is very bad and they can't hear my voice. I wonder that the problem is from my side, try to improve my internet connections, headphones and refresh computers. However, after hearing my audios I understood that the problem is not from my side. Every time I record all my calls, and when I listened to the audios, I can hear my voice absolutely well.
           Can you tell me what is the problem and how we can improve this? 
            I am sending you some links to the audios that you can hear my voice very well, but the people couldn't. 
              I will wait for your reply. 
                 Thanks in advance.
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              If those issues are happening for just those two countries - Sweden, Netherlands, then try talking to your service provider. They might be having bad lines towards those locations.

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