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I'm using ZoiperBeta on the latest updated Galaxy S8 (running all the 
time to receive calls) and after last update via Google play to version 
2.14.10 I noticed much higher battery usage as well as some misbehavior 
with sound. I'm also using other messenger apps, which record sound and 
provide voice communication over ip (like WeChat, WhatsApp) and I 
noticed I can only make first good call and for all further calls in any 
app (including ZoiperBeta) remote party doesn't hear me. Phone reboot 
required to fix and then I can make 1 another good call.
My Galaxy S8 detected background microphone use by ZoiperBeta. This was never reported before last update.

Another issue is that loudspeaker sound in other apps (like video 
player) sometimes rerouted to ear speaker, I'm not sure if this is 
related to ZoiperBeta but this issues appeared after last update. I had 
same issue before but was unable to find exact path to reproduce it.

I hope this report may help in resolving issues and improving Zoiper.

Sent initially by email but got auto-reply that this is for premium only. So posting it here.

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