Bug? Incoming call always displays 1st acct name

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With 2 accounts configured (and verified to otherwise function correctly), an incoming call ALWAYS displays the name of the first account, even if it comes in on the 2nd account -- even if the 2nd account is set as default, even if the 1st account is disabled.  It never displays the name of the 2nd account so you know which account the call is actually coming in on.

asked Oct 23, 2015 in Android by cboling (130 points)  

Hello, Are you using SIP or IAX2 accounts?

Both accts are IAX2. (Also, on the same server; just different users. Thanks for asking; I didn't think to specify that part of the situation.)

Hello, thank you for your reply. The issue is escalated to the QA team.

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I have a similar problem. It will be solved? It's been a long time since this matter.

answered Apr 4, 2017 by Seiya (150 points)  
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