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I'm having some issues with scratchy/crackling audio. I'm on MacBook Pro with Zoiper5, the latest Catalina update, fast internet, Sennheiser USB headset. I've tested both wifi and ethernet in 2 different locations, tried 2 different mics, and I'm still experiencing the same problem. Zoiper is showing ideal statistics (3-4 quality, jitter under 50 ms, 0 packet loss). Disabling echo cancellation and noise suppression seems to help a bit. I'm at a loss...any suggestions?

asked Aug 25, 2020 in Mac by 6755 (140 points)  

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There was an issue with Zoiper 5.4.5 leading to the crackling audio, which is now solved. 

Use the download section on to download the latest Zoiper5 update which contains the fix.

answered Aug 25, 2020 by Tsetso.Zdravkov (34,310 points)  

We are having this same issue, but we are already on version 5.4.6.

As soon as we plug in a USB headset (plantronic, jabra, .../wired or wireless), the 'zoiper helper' becomes unresponsive and the outgoing audio (mic) becomes very bad.
Is this a known issue?

More or less the same setup as mentioned above, statistics and disabled settings tried as well...

Try Zoiper 5.4.9, the issue should be fully resolved with it.

If for some reason the Zoiper Helper process again freezes and the audio starts crackling, try disabling  the HID integrations from the Zoiper settings.

I've recently installed it on a Mac Mini M1 and i'm running Zoiper5 5.4.10 for Mac OS X 64bit on a bluetooth headset, I have the exact same issue with crackling audio. I’ve tried disabling echo cancellation and noise suppression, but that doesn’t seem to work.

I forgot to add that it was working not so long ago on the same computer, it's only started crackling very recently. i haven't touched any settings before the problems started.


Try Zoiper 5.4.12 which should solve some issues that can lead to cracky audio.

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