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We are looking for a SIP client for our company. We found Zoiper and tried to use our VoIP number with Zoiper.

We entered our domain, user and password. (It could not automatically deteted setting, so we skipped and made manual setting). And we can CALL our cutomers without any problem. We can talk without any problem. However, our client CAN NOT CALL US. We realized that it says "Method not allowed" in the footer area. We suspected problem can be related with this?

We also talked with our VoIP provider and they said that our settings are perfectly fine. Customer says that our phone rings BUT we can not hear a ring, meaning that it doesnt ring at our side!!!

If purchasing professional version of the software would solve the problem we can buy it but we must be sure that it can solve the problem. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks so much

asked Aug 31, 2020 in Windows by ahmethann (120 points)  

Method not allowed is an odd answer to INVITE. 

Is your server by any chance sending invite with as address or media state as m=inactive ?

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