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Just downloaded Voiper 3 & registered "MyNetfone" on their system seems to dial ok but comes up with "SIP 408 - Request Timeout" also no incoming audio.

Using Windows 10 64 bit.

It works fine on my old laptop using Windows 7 & an older version of Zoiper.

Can anyone please help?

Regards Graham

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Please make sure you have the correct transport setting in Zoiper according to your provider's instructions. You might need to use UDP, TCP or TLS.

If using a SIP account, disabling STUN and / or Rport (or enabling it, depending on its current state) could help.

Please open settings -> Preferences;
click on Accounts;
select your account from the list on the left;
click on Advanced;
enable or disable STUN;
save the changes and try to recreate the issue.

Please also disable STUN globally for the application by following these steps:
- open settings -> preferences -> advanced -> network sub-tab -> STUN options

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hello Katina ,
      I have same issue ,but Stun was already disabled . And still I could hear any thing.  I was using windows 10 . and zoiper version 3.15. pl advise


Please try to bypass STUN altogether, STUN is terrible technology.

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