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Hi All,

I am using Sophos xg115 firewall. The configuration is  followed:

Firewall Configuration:

All RTP ports: allowed (5000 - 65735)

SIP ports: (5060 - 5080)

Phone Configuration:

Phone is configured with Vonage services.

Stun Configuration: 3478 (UDP/TCP)

Server hostname/IP: stun.zoiper.com

Refresh Period: 30 seconds.

But Still Zoiper gets unregistered any random point of time. 

Vinay Pal


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By default Zoiper will use random port above 32000 for SIP (TCP/UDP), while for RTP port 8000(+1 for every new line) will be used.

Regarding the failing registration it could be due to some port timeout that is set on a shorter time than the re-registration time for your SIP account. Or the firewall just killing the connection.

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