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I'm currently trying to figure out the LDAP integration.

I got it working so I can search for a Name and get the corresponding phone number.

Now I want to see the caller name. 

The problem is that our pbx does not provide a useful number when i receive a call. Often it is prefixed with a # The mapping on the LDAP server is no problem as ther is an integrated method for formatting the searchinput on the server (It is an estos MetaDirectory). If I look at the network traffic the LDAP-Server returns the corresponding information to Zoiper but no name is displayed.

Then I tried to search the number via the search field in Zoiper which also didn't show any matches., although Wireshark showed the correct response. 

Long story short: I figured out that I have to search the numer in the format the LDAP-Server returns.
e.g. If the LDAP server returns the number in DIN 5008 format(+49 30 12345-67) Zoiper shows no contact details if I enter +49301234567. Even if the LDAP server can match the input and returns the corresponding contact.

Also I don't understand why Zoiper does an partial serach with the last three digets of the phone number (LDAP-Search: |(telephoneNumber=+49123456789)(telephoneNumber=*789))

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Numbers with empty spaces in them are currently being skipped and not mapped. This will be solved with a future update.

Regarding the searching by last digits, due to all the different formatting options, this will greatly improve the chances from returning the proper contact or close numbers even if you have typed the number with some error at the beginning or different code.

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