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With the recent Apple event, they revealed the new MacBooks and Macs with Apple Silicon CPUs known as the M1 chip. 

Apple has written an app called Rosetta that will allow apps with x86 instructions to run, though it's an emulator and will slow the apps functionality. 

My company has 50+ accounts running Zoiper on Intel based laptops. I will be transitioning to the new M1 chips once they're released. There are a million reasons as to why, but top of the list is battery life as we're very mobile / remote and will be for the foreseeable future.

Please let me know your ETA on creating a native apple compatible M1 version of Zoiper so I can make the decision to find an alternative and cancel my subscriptions or stick with Zoiper. 

Thank you.

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Currently we cannot provide any information if Zoiper will receive native ARM port.

This possibility is being investigated.

According to Apple's own claims, you should be able to run Zoiper5 in Rosetta 2.0 without issues even if it is not natively ported for now.

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